Hire coaches with driver in Baden-Württemberg

Through our agency, travel groups can order many types of passenger vehicles with chauffeur. Taking into account the size of your tour group, we are ready to arrange coaches of any size in Baden-Württemberg. Your travel group may select from the following coach kinds. Regardless of your preference, we can offer you to guarantee to use only the most reliable buses from Baden-Württemberg for your itinerary. If you want to charter a standard car, a vintage motorcar, or a sedan car, Busvermietung Niedersachsen is ready to help you book all sorts of cars with an operator at any location in Baden-Württemberg. And we can also take you to Bavaria, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Grand-Est (France), Switzerland, and to other places anywhere in Germany. In regards to medium numbered travelling parties, we offer microbuses & midibuses with conductor in Baden-Württemberg. Of course, we do also rent out medium-sized and small-sized buses for cross-border tours to France, to Switzerland, to Austria, to Czech Republic, to Poland, and in all countries of Europe. For large groups, our company can provide you with normal coaches and two deck buses with conductor for all street trips in Baden-Württemberg and everywhere else in Germany. Additionnally, you can rent our reliable vehicles for transfers beyond Germany, inter alia to France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, and Poland, or to any other country of Europe.

Find coaches in all parts of Baden-Württemberg

To book coaches or minicoaches with driver in the region of Baden-Württemberg or at any other place in Germany, we invite you to drop us a line by email at . To avoid misunderstandings, please enumerate the subsequent core data in the delineation of your needs: number of travellers, starting and ending point, itinerary, starting and ending time. Proceeding from this information, we look forward to transmit you a proposal for your journey by bus in Germany and all of Europe.

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